Trójmiasto has tons of amazing venues and cool travel information to get you to the session. In fact, the cool information about this session is just too big to fit onto a website. Luckily the organising team put together a killer welcome booklet where you can find all vital information about the session, just click on the link below. If you're not looking for logistical information and just want a reminder of how cool this session is gonna be, you can look below at some of the main venues that will be used throughout the session.



A Polish seaside is as rare as a Polish non-alcoholic beer, but a lot more satisfying. The three cities of the Trójmiasto are within close reach of the sea, and ideal location for sightseeing, leisure activities, hunting for pirate ships or debating some topical issues on a national scale. The Trójmiasto is a popular region for tourists and the 3 towns of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot all have their own unique features and historical associations. They are also super accessible, with an international airport in Gdansk and an excellent train/bus service that you can take from any neighbouring countries. You can even hop on about and get to the Trójmiasto from Sweden. Whatever method of transport you choose, sea, sky or land, you will hopefully arrive safely and well rested at the Trómiasto in time for the session.

The Officials of Trójmiasto 2019 will be staying in La Gui- tarra Hostel located in the heart of Gdańsk. The building is less than 5 minutes walk from one of the prettiest streets of architecture in Gdańsk (Długa Street). You can chill by the river, discover Polish culture and find amazing restaurants and pubs only a few minutes away from you!



Pomeranian Science and Technology Park is a key innovation hub in Gdynia. It was created with an aim to help innovators and companies who wish to effectively develop their business ideas in inspirational, creative environment. They also support the startup community, students and freelancers through coworking, acceleration program, mentoring and organization of educational events in the area of strategic planning, innovative product management, and implementation of new services. EYP Poland are proud to share values of innovation and collaboration with PSTP and their state-of-the-art campus is the perfect location for our General Assembly debates at the session.

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in 1996. It is the first private university in Poland. The University has been ranked by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as the leading higher education institution offering Social Sciences programs in Poland.



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